Inner Me

We are a consignment shop offering popular, name-brand, artistic, unique, sometimes vintage merchandise for both men and women. We have new and gently worn clothing in most sizes. We have accessories for your body and home! That is… jewelry, hats, scarves, boots, shoes, purses, belts, perfumes, sunglasses and more. You can find small unique,shabby chic home-furnishings and decor that match the BOHO spirit of this interesting store. Prices are 30 -90% off retail! We hope to make all our customers feel welcomed, happy and fabulous! We believe inexpensive, bargain shopping can be an exciting as well as self-soothing experience!

However we are different than thrift: Items are hand selected. We pay close attention to the details and turn away anything that has a flaw, loose button, or pilling. Our goal is to allow our friends and neighbors the pleasure of purchasing items they could not otherwise afforded at the high-end retail shops.